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Defamation is the making of a false statement concerning a person or business that damages that person’s or business’ reputation. If a false statement is made and that person's or business’ reputation is damaged, there can be legal consequences for the person who made the statement. 


Defamation applies to both written and oral statements that are published to third parties. Publication includes the posting of material on the Internet. Defamation can either be a statement that is verbal or written. If a defamatory statement is made verbally, it’s called slander. If a defamatory statement is published in writing, it’s called libel. 


With the pervasiveness of social media in today's society, lawsuits resulting from defamatory statements made on the Internet are on the rise. However, with our popular $199 Social Save Pre-litigation Package, most clients see their online reputations restored without the need and expense of formally filing a lawsuit. If you believe that you or your business is a victim of a defamatory statement made on the Internet, schedule a consultation with BSLG right away to evaluate your case.

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