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The attorneys of BSLG understand the damage and hardship that a criminal record can cause. Don't wait any longer to expunge your record and expand your opportunities with our full service expungement service, Record Redo. We handle the A to Z of your fresh start, including petition preparation, filing, serving of other parties, communication with the court, and response to any opposition. All you need to do is supply us with your criminal record and sign the document, that’s it! If you don’t have your complete criminal history we can obtain it for you or show you how to obtain it.


The fee for a full service New Jersey or Pennsylvania expungement starts at just $499. This price covers expungements of records after dismissals, conditional discharges, or pre-trial intervention. Prices increase incrementally for cases involving multiple arrests, multiple convictions, indictable matters, CDS offenses involving distribution/manufacturing/dispensing, and/or other offenses requiring a public interest hearing and greatly affect the the cost. 


Schedule a consultation today to determine if you are eligible for a New Jersey or Pennsylvania expungement. 

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